Science on probiotics has advanced to new levels with the introduction of market’s first customized designer fit combination of a probiotic strain with fruit fiber containing Prebiotic.

Stomach Guide:
Necessary Nutrition in Digestive Health

This presentation shall look into our digestive system, which works together with a group of organs converting basic food nutrients and energy to sustain the metabolic activity. Food contains large molecules that are chemically and physically bound together which further break down into individual nutrients during the digestive process and these nutrients are taken into our body to support it’s functions. Henceforth, a healthy digestive system is critical for overall quality of life.

LactoSpore® - Probiotic of Choice

What is LactoSpore® ?
Taxoconomic Nomenclature: Bacillus coagulans
Bacillus coagulans was originally known as "Lactobacillus sporogenes". A nonpathogenic/nontoxicogenic microorganism. This presentation will take you through the Characteristic Features, Probiotic Features, Potential Applications of LactoSpore®.
Lactospore® - Probiotic of Choice